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Our Border collie mix from the dog pound turned into a beautiful obedient pet portrait.

My Background

Holly went to the San Francisco Museum of Fine Art when she was 5 years old. She still remembers the sense of awe she had while viewing the breath-takingly beautiful paintings and art objects. Holly decided right then and there that she would become a painter when she grew up. Holly was always looking for ways to artistically express beauty as she grew up. Her parents encouraged her talent in many ways. Activities included classroom arts and crafts in elementary school, doing ‘paint by numbers’ kits, getting her own camera when she was 12 and taking summer school art classes. Holly learned needlework, horticulture, landscaping, quilting, sewing, beadwork and other art forms. Her semi-nomadic life growing up enabled her to see beauty in any setting.

 Holly grew up to become a Doctor of Pharmacy, but along the way Art was squeezed out of her classes and Science ruled for many years. Years passed and Holly became a wife and mother. An incident shocked her back into the Art world. Her daughter’s 4th grade teacher announced that he would not be able to provide art or crafts in his classroom. The thought of no art for Holly’s daughter was horrifying and made her heart ache. That next day Holly talked with her daughter’s teacher and volunteered to teach art for the class if he could give Holly a half hour per week. The teacher agreed and Holly Hyndman rushed off to the local library and started her own art education. It was quite a crash course with no option for goofing off. Every week Holly taught the 4th graders something new that Holly had learned. The kids loved it! Holly also taught her in-home daycare children to have fun with art.

After that year she realized it was time for her to become an ‘Artist’! Holly continued learning about art from Art books, TV painting shows and through a few local workshops offered by professional water color artists. Holly kept practicing and painting. No sheet was left without art on both sides of the paper! Holly was invited to join the Spokane Watercolor Society and entered her work into many annual juried shows. Holly is now a Signature Member of the Spokane Watercolor Society and continues to learn and to apply her talent by painting with watercolors.


My Medium

Watercolor is my favorite medium for paintings. I select artist-quality paints,brushes, and paper for all my work because I want my original watercolors to shine out for many years. After I have invested my skill, time, and money to create art, I want to assure you that your investment will not fade away. I do not make prints or giclees: I only sell original art work. Even my greeting cards are my own design and painted by me.                

  I also paint Chinese-style paintings using Chinese brushes, Asian watercolors, and ink on Xuan paper (commonly called rice paper). 

A group of potted croton plants caught my eye with vibrant color and vein patterns.

My Inspiration

Everywhere I go, I see beauty and want to save it and savor it forever. I use my camera to quickly capture images that I find exciting or interesting. I look for dramatic colors, shapes, and value contrasts. Sometimes I see the image while I am asleep, such as Rainbow Zebra. Other times I make them up with my imagination. My favorite subjects are florals, landscapes, and still lifes, but I haven't found anything that couldn't become a painting. When you purchase one of my paintings, you will receive the story behind that particular painting.

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